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Sunrise Pet Clinic doctors and staff have been caring for patients in the shadows of the beautiful Tucson foothills since 1979.

While Tucson has changed over the years, our commitment to providing the latest integrative veterinary medicine to Tucson pets has not changed; our doctors strive to be the best - dedicating themselves to annual education to ensure your pet has the best possible care. Amongst our staff, we have the highest percentage of Certified Veterinary Technicians in Tucson. These technicians have completed state and national certification programs and are able to provide our doctors and patients another level of high quality assistance. Newer staff members are working towards certification with extra studies. Everyone at Sunrise Pet Clinic wants to provide you and your pet with the best and most compassionate health care available.

Our goal is to offer high-quality medicine that combines modern technology with old-fashioned comfort for your pet. We also pride ourselves on client education regarding prevention and treatment of disease to ensure your pet remains a healthy member of the family for years to come.

Sunrise Pet Clinic honestly believes no one knows your pet better than you, which is why we work closely with you to develop a health care plan that is unique to you and your pet. Regular appointments are 30 minutes long, with hour long consultations also available.

Our primary focus is on wellness for companion animals through a holistic approach, focusing on the whole body and lifestyle of the patient.

It is based on the belief the body has an inborn ability to balance and heal itself with individualized care. We do this through the complimentary alliance of Western (also known as allopathic) medicine, using the best medicines and/or surgery advances and alternative modalities, including acupuncture, foods and nutritional supplements.

Sunrise Pet Clinic voluntarily sought accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Read more about our AAHA Accreditation.  Sunrise Pet Clinic is also a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Our professional healthcare team pledges to provide:

  • the highest quality veterinary medical care in accordance with out clients' wishes, thereby promoting a happy, healthy life for each pet
  • a clean, safe, and friendly environment which encourages the growth of a successful practice
  • client education, service, and preventative care which reflect both progressive medicine and compassion.   See the following: 

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Anesthetic Procedures|Dentistry|Radiology|Alternative Healing|Nutrition|
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Progressive Medicine & Compassionate Care

Examinations/Vaccinations (or titer tests)
Basic veterinary care starts with a comprehensive physical exam. This exam is particularly important before administering vaccinations. Vaccines help stimulate one’s immune system to protect against serious disease; although most often beneficial, vaccines are not benign and it is ill advised to administer a vaccination to a sick pet.

Sometimes the only indication a pet is ill may be a fever. We are often able to pick up sub-clinical problems during an exam, allowing early treatment of the problem.

Laboratory Procedure


In-House/Off site Diagnostics 
Offering in-hospital testing enables SPC to obtain immediate results for your pet when needed. Other important tests require us to send blood or biopsies out to diagnostic laboratories across the country. These results are emailed or faxed to us with a rapid turnaround time..


Anesthetic Procedures

On the day of your pet's procedure the doctor performs a thorough physical to determine if there have been any changes in his/her condition.

In-house diagnostics allow Sunrise Pet Clinic to process blood tests prior to the administration of the anesthetic. This requires us to take a small amount of blood from your pet. These blood tests provide the doctor with information about your pet's internal health. The tests evaluate the liver and kidneys, two systems that help metabolize the anesthetics. Surgery Procedure

If your pet has any heart disease we may do radiographs of their chest and an EKG. These tests help us evaluate the heart and allow us to alter the anesthetic protocol as needed.

Anesthetic monitoring of each patient is done by one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians with the proper monitoring equipment. We use a respiratory monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximetry, and/or a capnograph. These noninvasive monitors allow us to evaluate changes in the patient and modify the anesthetic protocol as required.

With the use of modern anesthetics and intravenous fluids that help support the vascular system and assist the kidneys, most pets recover adequately enough to return home the same day. Surgery Procedure

As with many areas of veterinary medicine anesthesia is a specialty. After earning their doctorate in veterinary medicine, veterinarians who elect to specialize in anesthesia can go on to further studies in this area. Although all veterinarians learn anesthesia, specialists have advanced training for cases that pose particular concerns.

We are fortunate to have a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist in Tucson, Dr. Victoria Lukasik. Dr. Lukasik often provides such services to Sunrise Pet Clinic when we do procedures on complex cases.


SPC provides professional dental care for your pet, including ultrasonic scaling to clean and remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and under the gumline. A high-speed polishing with a fluoride paste is performed to return the enamel to a smooth surface; a smooth enamel is less conducive to accumulating plaque.

Once clean, individual teeth are evaluated for pockets, enamel wear, and infection. If problems are discovered, the doctor will can fully evaluate the problem tooth using digital x-ray. This greatly enhances the doctor’s ability to evaluate your pet’s teeth since 66% of each tooth is made up of root, hidden by the jawbone. A decaying or abscessed tooth will deteriorate the health of the teeth on either side; infected teeth are also painful and allow infection to spread via the blood stream to other parts of the body. Only unsalvageable teeth are extracted.

Since regular dental home care, namely brushing the teeth, is the gold standard of good oral hygiene, our staff can assist you on how to make brushing your pet’s teeth fun; while more readily accepted by youngsters, it truly is “never to late to start”.
Radiology Procedure


Digital Radiology

A diagnostic tool which allows our doctors to see the “inner workings” of your pet in a non-invasive manner; a crucial tool for many different ailments and illnesses. Having digital capabilities allows for less overall radiation exposure to your pet, with the highest quality images. SPC also utilizes the services of Dr. Michael Roy, a board certified Diplomate in radiology, during monthly radiology "rounds"; Dr. Roy goes over previous months radiographs with each SPC doctor giving indivudalized attention to each case. 

Alternative/Holistic Healing

Acupuncture - An ancient form of medicine, acupuncture has been practiced for more than 2,500 years. It is used with traditional Western medicine in the treatment of chronic pain, organ failure, and numerous diseases. Illness or pain is believed to indicate a disruption in the normal flow of Qi (“chee”), much as a traffic jam would disrupt the flow of traffic. Insertion of a needle into the acupuncture points unblock these jams. We have experienced many positive responses from clients who have utilized this modality.

Nutrition Response Testing - Nutrition Response Testing will help the doctor create a personalized program of whole food nutritional supplements, in addition to a diet, which allows your pet’s body to repair itself. A precise, scientific, non-invasive means of analyzing the body to determine underlying causes of non-optimal health, Nutrition Response Testing works by identifying any malfunctioning systems of the body and/or the nutritional deficiency or toxins causing the malfunction.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation - A non-invasive, non-painful way to dramatically minimize the effects of spinal cord dysfunction caused by vertebral subluxation (displacements). The doctor uses a hand held Activator, or spinal accelerometer, which fires a very fast, yet gentle and concise force to the subluxated vertebrae. This technique allows the doctor to administer aid to the problem area. of the most common causes of chronic illness in our patients.

See Sunrise Pet Clinic holistic treatments



Nutrition is the basis of your pet's health.  Many medical conditions such as heart, liver, and kidney disease as well as allergies, require specific changes in one's diet. 

Sunrise Pet Clinic offers many prescription diets specifically formulated for various medical conditions. We also offer The Honest Kitchen products, human-grade pet food made from human-edible healthy (and fresh) produce and meats, gently dehydrated to remove just the moisture while retaining most of the natural components of these fresh ingredients.



Puppy Classes

Sunrise Pet Clinic works with many proven trainers in the Tucson area because we feel good behavior is a vital part of having a happy, healthy and enjoyable pet.  Because your pet’s adult behavior is greatly affected by experiences he or she has as a young animal, we offer on-site puppy classes most Saturday afternoons for eight-to sixteen-week-old puppies, in addition to referrals for off-site classes.

Give us a call at 299-5044 for more information. 

Although Sunrise Pet Clinic cannot provide boarding facilities for your pets, we can assist you in choosing a safe place for your pet to stay when you are away. We have personally visited numerous local boarding facilities and can recommend a number of facilities for your convenience. Give us a call at 299-5044 and we will be happy to mail or fax you a list. 


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