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Dr. Sally Rademaker with her husband John and dogs Weezee and Duke

Sally Rademaker, DVM


My husband, John and I moved to Tucson from the Silicon Valley in California in December, 2001.  It actually was more like an escape, as we were very tired of sharing the roads with 800,000 of our closest friends!  Tucson has been good to us, thanks to the glorious mountains, the fabulous Sonoran desert, the beauty of all of Arizona that is within a day’s drive in any direction, and Sunrise Pet Clinic.  I could not have found a better home for myself, my husband, my pets, and my career. 

We moved here with our beloved Joey, a wonderful pitbull/rottie mixed orphaned pup we adopted from Nike Animal Rescue Foundation in San Jose, Ca.  For licensing purposes, we labeled her a “yellow lab mix”.  She was the little yellow puppy sleeping soundly on her back in the playpen, fully independent from her black and tan littermate orphan brothers who huddled together at the other end.  “Can you wake up that little yellow one for us?” we whispered to her foster mom.  Once in John’s arms, Joey crawled up to his face and gave it a little lick.  John looked at me and said “What are we going to name her?”  We were devastated when she developed lung cancer in 2011.  She was our best, best dog.  For me, she was that once in a lifetime companion, irreplaceable, unforgettable.   Thanks to the wonderful doctors at Veterinary Specialty Center and Southern Arizona and Dr. Victoria Lukasik, the anesthesiologist, and all my colleagues at SPC, our Joey, so prone to different cancers, had an outstanding, almost, 12 years.

We have 2 replacement dogs now, as one would not be enough to fill Joey’s pawprints.  We adore them, no matter how much I complain to any given pet owner on any given day about the time and money spent on training to transform them into Two Perfect Dogs.  Weezee, our girl, is a lovely little something or other, maybe Chow mix.  Deucalion, our boy, is a bighearted Shepard mix.   They came to us via Pima Animal Care Center.  Funny how that would happen, since John is an Animal Care Officer for Pima County!  After spending most of his career in the computer industry, then the industrial auction business, he decided to take on the bigger challenge of law enforcement for animals. 

To round out our little family, we have our 3 cats, who remind us every day that cats really are NOT small dogs. Dogs come when you call them. Cats take a message and might get back to you.  Maxine, our eldest, is a beautiful Tortie , born of a barn cat in San Jose California.  Gigi is our elusive little gray cat, found at about 6 weeks old by an SPC technician who bamboozled me into taking her home. Magic is our loving big black boy cat that sneaks out any door he can to go hunting in our very dangerous desert.  He is a PACC acquisition as well, found on the Yaqui reservation.

After 18 great years at Camden Pet Hospital in San Jose, I found the home I had always been waiting for at Sunrise Pet Clinic.



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